What is coast4us?

Coast4 Us seeks to develop a holistic and inclusive approach in the planning process. New methods and strategies will be developed and evaluated to visualize different values and interests and to improve local participation to make them more efficient and sustainable.

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People involved at an early stage

Marine and coastal areas, face similar environmental and spatial planning challenges in the Baltic Sea Region. The increasing demans of exploiting these areas are creating potential conflicts with other interest such as preservation of natural recources and ecosystem services.Therefore, it is vital that those which are most affected by potential planning changes, will be involved at an early stage.

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Pilot areas

There are 16 partners in the project. These are municipalities, universitites, government, organisations and companies from Estonia, Latvia, Sweden and Åland.


October 23, 2019

News about Coast4us

Here we will publish articles that are written by partners in the project.

Contact us

Contacts to project partners.