Presentation of project partner Kökar

Publicerad May 6, 2020

We will during the spring and summer publish short presentations about all the partners and their work in Coast4us.

Today we will start with Kökar who is one out of two partners on Åland.

Kökar is a small community far out in the sea, an independent municipality with 235 residents. It is beautiful to live here but also difficult, from a sustainability point of view: The Baltic Sea suffers from eutrophication, the archipelago is slowly being depopulated and a huge amount of fossil energy is consumed by the ferries.

We have used our time and our resources within Coast4us to agree on how to become more sustainable – to make a sustainability plan for our municipality. Sea and water are always close to us, of the municipality’s area only 3% is land. We live with our feet in the water and maybe we can say that our coast is not just for us (Coast4us) but very close to us (Coast2us)?

During this project we mapped the infrastructure (water, sewage, waste, energy), social sustainability (what our citizens think is “sustainable”, how life is experienced at Kökar), nature (flora and fauna, sea planning, regional and local water conservation plans), cultural sustainability (identity, brand) and political sustainability (self-government, national and regional versus municipal planning).

Coast4us has given our society increased self-awareness, clarified our self-image, strengthened our self-esteem and made us more sustainable in several, measurable dimensions.

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