All of Sweden Shall live, Östergötland

About the organization

All of Sweden shall live (HSSL – Hela Sverige ska leva) is a grassroot movement for enhanced democracy that consists of local groups working to create a good life in their local area. HSSL mobilizes people to make their voices heard, to become active citizens, and to be an active part of their local society. HSSL wants to establish the basic local level as the first level. For this to be possible HSSL has developed different tools and methods for cooperation with the municipality for long-term sustainable work from a democratic perspective. Active citizenship. Competence development – a democracy school.

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Partner role in the project

Hela Sverige ska leva Östergötland (HSSLÖ) has long experience working with local development in the East Sweden region. HSSLÖ represent 190 local development groups in the region. We also have long, documented knowledge and experience in working with different tools connected with local development. Amongst those tools are – working with Local Economic Anlalysis (LEA) which is considered a key-tool in the Coast4us project. In our organization we also have vast experience of working with local and regional authorities. HSSLÖ also has a big national and international network in the area of local development/rural development.

HSSL will be participating in WPT2 in all activities and contribute with their local knowledge and possibilities to activate and mobilizing local citizens.

Benefits from participating in the project

All of Sweden shall live is the representative of the national part of the village action movement. Our aim is to support local development towards a sustainable society. We stimulate cooperation, advise and support local groups, and furnish them with tools to help them succeed in working with local development.

Our objective is also to influence public opinion and rural policies – in order for all Sweden to live! Hela Sverige ska leva cooperates internationally. We are one of the driving forces in Hela Norden ska leva (“All North shall live”), as well as a part of the Village Action Movement in Europe, and we collaborate with European rural networks.

The Swedish Village Action Movement consists of about 4 700 village action groups, and the number continues to increase. We estimate that roughly 100 000 individuals are involved directly in village action groups and that their work affects three million people – a third of the Swedish population. The village action groups are spread all over Sweden and deal with all sorts of matters. They run shops, organize childcare, set up wind power plants and improve roads. Hela Sverige ska leva Östergöland has around 190 village groups as our members.

We see that the main benefits for our organization in working with Coast4us is that its goals to involve the local level in planning processes is something we have been fighting for since our movement started. Working to ensure good practices for this is one giant step forward for our organization and the people that we represent.

Previous experience of EU-projects

All of Sweden shall live has nationally vast experience in working with all kinds of EU financed projects. All of Sweden Östergötland is one out of 24 regional nodes in the organization. We have experience in working with Leader-projects, with Grundtvig-projects and with projects funded by the ERDF.

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