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About the organization

Aspöja archipelago has been pointed out an area for resident population and for tourism, this in order to secure a continual resident population, with farming and fishing in conjunction with modern technology and environmentally friendly housing. The pilot area is situated south of Arkösund and down to the east side of Aspöja.

In order to keep this archipelago cultivated and grazed as it has been for generations, a sustainable development is vital when planning for a resident population. This project, with strong research in sustainable community planning and in collaboration with stakeholders is crucial. What is special with this area is how to try and reach out to stakeholders that represent national interest. Without this funding there will probably not be any development in this area.

Bergön, part of Aspöja archipelago, is a former coastal artillery facility. It is strategically situated between Arkösund – Stora Kopparholmarna – Bergön – Lånjö – Aspöja, which is close to Norrköping municipality’s pilot area in the project. The planning of Bergön as a sustainable residential and tourism destination will secure local job opportunities as it will also make the archipelago easier to access all year around, and over time. This will help the municipality to increase the possibility for a culture driven and living archipelago, while securing the marine life over time.

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Partner role in the project

The landowner (project partner) is deeply engaged in the area and has founded Aspöja Skärvårdsförening (archipelago management association). We hope our particular competences and know-how will help for a successful implementation of the project and looking forward to participating and make learnings from our fellow citizens around the Baltic area within this project.

Benefits from participating in the project

Aspöja fastigheter AB will benefit through participating in the learning and planning processes. Aspöja fastigheter AB will also be able to benefit by the development of new business ideas based on the local plans produced and the networks that are formed. Aspöja fastigheter AB are given a unique opportunity within the framework of the project as SMEs sometimes have less opportunities to allocate resources for education and business development.

Previous experience

Aspöja fastigheter AB are landowners and are deeply engaged in the area and have also founded Aspöja Skärvårdsförening. Aspöja fastigheter AB are experienced within communication, management and digital media. We also have experience from earlier participation in projects like BSPA Helcom MPA and Visit Östergötland.

Read more about the pilot area Bergön, situated in Aspöja archipelago.

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