Carnicava Municipality

Partner role in the project

The project partner will be involved in testing pilot activities for local planning, including mobilization and activation of stakeholders of different interests. They will also develop community plans and do pilot implementation of the community plan to be evaluated. Carnikava Municipality will establish a toolbox and provide a toolkit for Latvia partners for planning (GIS, analysis of existing knowledge). The municipality will set up a planning laboratory (physical and web-based portal) with equipment to provide mentioned services.

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Benefits from participating in the project

Benefits for Carnikava Municipality from participating in the project will be as follows:

  • The implementation of the project will contribute to the territorial development planning process in Carnikava Municipality.
  • It will render up to date information about resources and local demands for economic development in Carnikava Municipality.
  • Stakeholders, planners, politicians will be educated and informed in regard to development planning process on both local and national level.
  • The project will improve involvement of the local society (the inhabitants of villages) in territorial planning and its implementation through theoretical and practical means (development of the planning laboratory and implementation of the Pilot plan).
  • It will facilitate practical implementation of the plans decided and developed by local community.
  • The project will reduce the gap and facilitate cooperation between public authorities of Carnikava Municipality and local inhabitants.
  • The project will facilitate exchange of new ideas, examples and best practice between all partners involved.

Previous experience of EU-projects

Within the EU programme period 2007 – 2013, Carnikava Municipality has implemented 45 projects with a total amount of 16 975 215 EUR. Within the programme period for 2014 – 2020 the number of projects submitted, approved and implemented in various EU programmes and funds already exceeds 5 million euros.

Each year Carnikava Municipality is organizing a call for society involvement projects in order to support ideas of local population. Groups of local inhabitants may apply for funding of up to 1000 euros in order to organize for example training, exhibitions, develop small infrastructure and perform other activities.

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