Coompanion Östergötland

About the organization

Coompanion is a national organization that is assigned by the Swedish government to work as an advisory organization for the start of cooperative enterprises. The appropriation from the government also stipulates that Coompanion works with empowerment, local development and democracy. The organization has long experience in working in these fields and has also especially focused on rural development. Coompanion also has vast experience in working with national and cross border projects of different sorts which has provided us with a vast network – nationally and internationally.

The organisation is assigned by the government to help spread the co-operative way of working in Sweden. There is also an important parameter to work with regional and local development. Coompanion works in association with all parts of the Social economy in Östergötland as well as social entrepreneurs. We help develop social innovations to social challenges, social sustainability and equality.

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Partner role in the project

In connections to Coast4us and the output, we see our work as an incitement to get involved in the planning process. To make a real change by being involved in developing local solutions to the challenges in the local society. It can range from sustainable living, starting new businesses/networks, creating a marketplace and care for the elderly to solutions to public transportations. Based on the planning processes that are being developed. We do not see these actions/spin-offs as direct outputs from the project, but as part of making the involvement of local people really relevant and tangible.

Benefits from participating in the project

Coompanion’s main purpose is to work with cooperative economic associations. Coompanion offers information, advice and training on how to start your own business free of charge. We are based in 25 different locations nationwide. Our aim is to provide people who want to realize ideas  information, advice, and training based on their individual requirements – from idea to successful company.

Coompanion also has a wider mission that involves working for, among other things, democracy, empowerment, gender equality and rural development. What we have to gain from the project is the possibility to start up new economic associations in connection with the project and to work hands on with a sustainable rural development – completely in line with our mission. We will also gain from the development of different tools for planning and involving the local level in different ways. Coompanion – and our mission – will also be better known regionally, nationally and internationally. We will also gain from the big network the project is providing.

Previous experience of EU-projects

Coompanion has extensive experience with projects of various kinds. We run and have run large and small EU projects for many years within different areas, funded by the ERDF as well as the ESF. Coompanion Östergötland was the project owner of the pilot study that laid the foundation for the partnership and application for Coast4us via money from the Swedish Institute.

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