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About the organization

The Centre for municipality studies (CKS) is a multi-disciplinary research centre – with researchers in business studies, human geography, political science, social work and sociology. Research projects at CKS involve numerous collaborations with researchers at other departments of Linköping University, at other universities in Sweden and with international research colleagues.

Work at the centre entails not only academic research but also collaboration and outreach activities with politicians and professionals representing various organisations, most of which are based in the public sector. The research at the centre cover three research areas;

  • Local politics and democracy
  • Local leadership, management and organization
  • Regional and local development and planning

In the latter research field, we focus on local planning, partnership and initiatives for sustainable development.

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Benefits from participating in the project

Our research centre will gain from participating in the project by getting access to unique and relevant data of high quality. On the basis of this data, we can make a contribution to the wider literature on spatial planning in the Baltic Sea area. On the basis of these results, we could also provide evidence-based models of spatial planning to practitioners at various levels in society.

Previous experience of international projects

The centre of municipality studies has 20 years of experience investigating local policy and planning. In recent years, the centre has come to focus more and more on policy and planning in rural settlements, characterized by low population density, depopulation and limited access to infrastructure.

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