Norrköping municipality

Partner role in the project

Norrköping municipality, as partner, has responsibility and experience to work with the planning processes in the coastal and archipelago areas. The municipality can transfer its skills and knowledge to other partners in the project. The municipality sees the participation in this project as a natural extension of the former Central Baltic project, BACES (2010 – 2013).

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Benefits from participating in the project

The coastal areas are of major importance for the inhabitants of the municipality of Norrköping. To reach long-term sustainable development in the Baltic Sea Region it is essential that different values and interests are recognized in marine and coastal plans. The planning process has a key role in reaching sustainable spatial plans in the marine and coastal areas and has been important on-going work for the costal municipalities as well as the regional and national authorities for several years. New planning tools and processes, such as GIS files, web-based platforms and applications, that are developed in the Coast4us project will thus be of great interest for the municipality of Norrköping.

Previous experience of EU-projects

Norrköping Municipality has extensive experience participating in and leading various types of projects such as the BACES project financed by Central Baltic 2010-2013. Norrköping Municipality has a great deal of responsibility regarding planning processes and are one key part in developing the sustainable plans. The municipality is also essential in the implementation process. Staff members are experienced in project management and development and planning process.

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