Countries and partners

4 countries, 15 partners

There are 15 partners in the project. These are municipalities, universities, governments, organisations and companies from Sweden, Åland, Latvia and Estonia. Adding to these, there are nine associated partners who are cooperating with the various actors.

Work Packages

Each partner isworking with special targets and pilot areas. Within the Central Baltic project, targets are called work packages. Within the project of Coast4us, these are:

  • Mapping and preparation for planning process
  • Planning process and development of sustainable plans
  • Evaluation and dissemination
  • Communication
  • Management

Activitites to fulfil

Each work package has various activities planned to achieve the goals of the work package.

  • At least 2 groups per municipality (as geographical area) produce 1 locally sustainable plan concerning their area.
  • At least 5 meetings between planners and representatives from local level in each of the “cases” of planning. At least one meeting with Municipal council or equivalent where representatives from local level will present their plan.
  • To get a real commitment to participate in the project, there is a need to work with real cases where there is a significant benefit locally for all involved. Besides methods and sustainable plans, this could be developed service, new companies etc.
  • Identification of best practices e.g. handbook, guidelines (incl. long-term management)
  •  Guidelines for planers and local community created, approved and shared widely
  • An information film about the project will be produced during the project with a focus on the project main outputs

Pilot areas

To achieve the work packages and work with the activities, there are several pilot areas in the project. To know more about these areas, click below at each country.