Mariehamn and Sund pilot areas

Mariehamn and Sund pilot areas

The overall purpose for the pilot areas is to:

  • achieve water of good quality
  • climate adaptation at low-lying areas
  • strengthen biodiversity (good fishing and pollinator friendly environment)
  • increase recreation and tourism (which requires clean water and good access to fish and a beautiful nature that works – non-fragmented landscape)

The goal is to involve everyone; children, the general public, politicians, traders and also take into consideration disabled and disadvantaged peoples’ interests.
Information and education are a very important tool for achieving long-term sustainable coastal zone planning.
Stakeholders are chosen for their genuine interest in participation and the project aim.

A balanced ecosystem

The first chosen area is a partly coastal area in urban environment that needs better storm water management and a more developed green structure for increased biodiversity and to minimize the heat waves within the city. The second area consists of smaller areas in a more agricultural dominant area that need better water purification management to minimize the negative effect on the ocean and better fish spawning areas and biodiversity. It is important to remember that we are losing important species and ecosystem services every day. Humans can not live without a balanced ecosystem.

Stopping drainage to sea

In the urban area the challenge is to plan for more green areas within the city even when the pressure to build more housing for humans is high. How can we incorporate more green areas to increase the biodiversity also within the city and to also stop storm water from draining straight out into the ocean?

Involving the local inhabitants

In the rural area the challenge is to cooperate with the locals and find solutions to minimize the nutrient load that are escaping from the surrounding land into the ditch that drains straight out to the ocean.  By finding win-wins solution with the locals the goal is to get a better water quality and to increase the biodiversity that benefits everyone.  There is also a need to strengthen biodiversity and ecosystem services since the locals like to fish and hunt a lot. Give the locals and municipalities alternative measures on what can be done to make a change. And this will be done through field work, workshops, meetings and through participation in local events. The end product will be a green-blue plan for each area where we include all the knowledge of the pilot area (mapping and analysis results), goals, guidance and advice and alternative measures and a financing plan. Included in the green-blue plan will be a Gis layer with all the different measure alternatives.

Pilot areas Mariehamn and Sund.
Source:  © Lantmäteriverket, Ålands landskapsregering

Mariehamn- planned activities

May 2019

An educational workshop linked to ecosystem services and a green plan has been carried out for officials, municipalities and politicians.

May/June 2019

The wetland project (stormwater and strengthening predatory fish) is being built at Nabben. Information signs with Coast4us logo etc. will be produced.

Fall 2019-2020

Project plans for the Sviby area (strengthen predatory fish habitats + water treatment) will be developed during autumn of 2019. Work may possibly begin in 2020 if a completed project plan has been prepared. All activities and project plans must be included with maps and descriptions in the Coast4us plan for the pilot area. All work is done in close collaboration with Mariehamn city and several work meetings will be required.

August 2019

Possible underwater inventories will be carried out in the coastal water body Slemmern, to see the condition and thus possible need for improvement in order to improve the conditions for spawning fish etc.

Summer/fall 2019

The maptionnaire process regarding the green plan for Mariehamn is planned and implemented. Procurement may be required.


Finby-Sund – planned activities

April/May 2019

Nature walks along ditches (such as study visits, education, local collaboration), where activities were planned together with the local population to find the development potential that exists for the area. Concrete project plans for water improvement / climate adaptation / biodiversity (depending on needs and wishes) are then presented as GIS material with descriptions later in the project.

July-August 2019

Possible inventories (diving) of underwater nature and sediment in connection with Finby ditch out into the coastal water body Lumparn. This to investigate the condition and possible improvement that need to take place in order to have a better water quality and to increase fish spawning and biodiversity in the area.

Fall 2019-Winter 2020

A complete ecomapping process is carried out by procured consultants together with the population to map out the area’s development opportunities for long-term sustainable coastal zone planning. Needs and problems are pointed out.

Fall 2019- fall 2020

Overall project plans are developed and included in the Coast4us plan with cost calculations etc.


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