Bergön is an old coast artilleri base. There is a lot of infrastructure as roads, plumbing system, electronic, bunkers etc. Bergön is part of the plan for the municipally to develop. Both as a center for tourism and also housing for people and visitors to the area. It is situated on an island that is part of the Helcom MPA (marine protected area) area with high nature values, especially shallow water area that is included as part of the pilot area. For the islands Tyxholmarna and Birskär next to Bergön the planning for a nature reserve is part of the project. The area is in the Swedish National park planning. For the future it is of great value and interesting to decide how to organize people access to the area and at the same time secure the high nature values. Concrete this means:

  • GIS data
  • Look into other projects a bit the same in Sweden and how they tackled things
  • A plan for tourism and housing at Bergön
  • A new nature reserve for Tyxholmarna and Birkskär
  • A new marine reserve around the outer islands in the pilot area.

Pilot area Bergön.
Source: Topographic Webmap LM © Lantmäteriet, Länsstyrelsen Östergötland.

Activities ahead

To make a plan and also “dig in to” how to look into the regulations. Also describe via illustrations or rendered photos how buildings could look like and areas at Bergön will be used. At the same time there is going to also become a nature reserve for Tyxholmarna that is islands next to Bergön.

Ongoing process with different kind of planning and inventory for the planning process



Planning process for Bergön OK with the planning process from the municipally
Meeting with municipally
Visitors from different targeting groups and activation


Regional planning politically committee

Gathered material, making inventory and visit at bergön

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