Garupe village

About the pilot area

Garupe is one of the most growing villages in the municipality of Carnikava. In 2000 it had 280 inhabitants and in 2018 it had grown to 357 inhabitants. Having Garupe as a pilot area, means to involve the inhabitants for the development of their area. This will be achieved through activating the inhabitants in the village plan and implement at least one aim in this. The tools are three training sessions, mobilization meetings and using GIS (Geographical Information System) to be implemented to democratic votes on an activity (worth of 50 000EUR).

Pilot area Carnikava.
Source: Topographic Webmap LM © Lantmäteriet, Länsstyrelsen Östergötland.

Planned activity

In Carnikava village (administrative center of municipality) in June-August we will build planning laboratory (information center) where inhabitants and visitors will get information on development and planning activities in the municipality. Will vote for new projects (GIS) and will be able to see existing infrastructure in GIS layers. A planning laboratory (information center) to be will provide services. Garupe Village planning practice to be overtaken by other villages in municipality.



Activisation and mobilization

Development of village plan

October 2019 – June 2020

Implementation of one activity. If it is construction work, it will be done in 2020 (could not be done in winter).

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