Kökar municipality

The whole municipality mainly consists of water. We have a great freshwater lake on one of our bigger islands. The municipality needs to create a municipality development plan for a long-term sustainable development of the usage of water and land. Such a plan would set out the direction for long-term, sustainable development of water and land and provide guidance on how to use, develop and maintain water and land areas and the built environment.

The level of resilience and ecological, economic and social sustainability is of utter importance, including management of natural and cultural resources, infrastructure, transports, energy and water. It is therefore vital to develop a long-term sustainable plan for Kökar. Based on UN:s sustainable principles, adapted by Bärkraft.ax and then adapted to this specific island in the middle of the sea it will result in a municipality development plan – KÖKAR 2050.


Planned activities


26.1 (Ö till Ö – Joint development meeting with other organizations) everybody in the municipality was invited. One meeting at Kökar.
8.4 Energy solution (a invited group from the municipality: Business, contrusctions, decision makers). One meeting at Kökar
29.4 Green consumption (everybody in the municipality was invited. 2 meetings (one in the elementary school and one for the rest of the municipality)
19.5 Kökar Now and in 2050. everybody in the municipality was invited. One meeting at Kökar
22.5 Meeting with the municipality board (Näringslivsnämnd), board members. One meeting at Kökar.
3.6 Mapping the environment ASIS – learn to study birds. The elementary school (One day at Kökar)


interviews and discussions with inhabitants, business owners, decisions makers concerning waste, transportations, water, sustainability to map KÖKAR as it is. At Kökar.


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