Arkösund and surroundings

East of Norrköping in Sweden, there is one of Coast4us pilot areas in the archipelago of Arkösund. This is a priority development area in municipality plannings. Arkösund archipelago is of national interest regarding fishing, nature values and outdoor life. The shoreline area is protected 100 meters from Sea, but because of long term Harbour activity the seabed is contaminated and must be sanitized. This is due to climate change and increased sea levels. Therefore the ground must be raised, but the geotechnical conditions aren´t good.

The already existing houses here are rather affordable, but it is as expensive to build here as in the city center. People live in Arkösund but commutes to a wider labor market in more dense city areas, such as Norrköping.

By including local stakeholders and other partners at an early stage, it is possible to tackle these challenges. It is important to create a sustainability plan for the area, as well as one development plan for the centre area and one for the camping area. The methods to be used to achieve sustainability and development plans is as following:

  • 3D mapping
  • architectural sketches
  • create a platform for participation by including existing companies and entrepreneurs, create workshops and dialogue space in early planning process,
    creating a survey about ideas to develop Arkösund, a walk and talk meeting with the closest neighbors
  • investigations about cultural environment and nature inventories during summer 2019

Pilot area Arkösund, Norrköping Municipality.
Source: Topographic Webmap LM © Lantmäteriet, Länsstyrelsen Östergötland

Activities 2019


Walk-and-talk meeting with property owners in Arkösund
Open house for Year-round residents, part time residents (summer house owners), Boat owners / boaters, visitors, associations, children and young people.


Networking meeting with entrepreneurs

Experiences of methods and tools 

Community development planning is understood in several ways – physically as spatial infrastructure planning and as a social process, where the community development plan is the result of a community-based vision surrounding the future of its territory and the necessary actions to achieve it.

The coastal areas are of major importance for the inhabitants of the municipality of Norrköping. To reach a long term sustainable development in Arkösund it is essential that different values and interests are recognized. The planning process has a key role in reaching sustainable spatial plans in the marine and coastal areas, and has been an important on-going work for the costal municipalities, regional and national authorities during several years.

The project has developed a holistic and inclusive approach in the planning process, through involving stakeholders of different interests. New methods and strategies have been developed and evaluated to visualize different values and interests and to improve local participation in order to make them more efficient and sustainable.

The ideas and points of view thas was told, discussed and prioritized by the local people at the meetings have come to use in the architect report and a local development plan for Arkösund (LEA).

The municipality, organizations, local stakeholders and entrepreneurs have influenced and helped each other in the processes for developing Arkösund. The meetings has resulted in the possibilities in networking with the participants and developing Arkösund together on local level.

Regarding physical planning, the process started with the community development plans for Arkösund center and camping site. All the investigations, inventories of nature values in shallow bays and cultural values in historical building are of use in the physical plans. We have been able to make a 3D-modelling, ortophotographing and architect sketches. Usually this kind of work is done for the city planning –and it feels successful to do it for rural areas as well.

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