Tūja village

Activities in the pilot area

Salacgriva municipality has completed the Active planning process in the pilot area – village Tūja. From May to September 2019, a hired company helped the municipality manage and implement the process of involving local people. They organized in total 5 meetings. As a result, a very simple village plan was made. The activities of the Society “Tūjaskrasts” were renewed, which brings together the people and activists of Tūja. The developed plan identified a number of sites to be developed. Citizens’ discussions continued focusing on two of the most important sites in their view. Local government employees also met with people several times.

The two most important objects were named:

  • Arranged Bus stop
  • Arranged and structured a Centre of Tūja Village.

Pilot area Tuja.
Source: Topographic Webmap LM © Lantmäteriet, Länsstyrelsen Östergötland.

In the long debate and dispute process, the citizens have chosen to arrange a Centre of Tūja Village, this means improvement of the square in the front of Tūja Library. The Library also serves as a gathering house in this village. We have received a list of the improvements that citizens want to see for their convenience in this square:

  • signs on the street
  • stage (lightweight design)
  • lighting
  • activity Corner – basketball basket, checker area
  • resting benches
  • tourism information board
  • board about Tūja history
  • fancy object to create selfies
  • path leading up to the river

We are currently developing a landscape project for the area around the building housing the library and the local community center.
This sketch describes how it might look.

We want to start the implementation of the village plan and invest the project money in this public infrastructure.  At this moment we are preparing the task for the technical project.

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