Saulkrasti pilot area

The village “Zvejniekciems” has historically been linked to the sea coast, as the name “Zvejniekciems” has arisen from the village’s population’s historical activity – fishing. Zvejniekciems is the most appropriate of Saulkrasti municipality’s villages for this project, because it is located right by the sea, it has a definite territory and public buildings where the villagers meet. There are different groups of people in the village.

The pilot area is relatively large and has about 2,000 inhabitants. The population is diverse (residents of all ages, workers, business owners, families with children, seniors living alone). Thus, there are many different opinions and it is difficult to agree on the priorities of the village.


Creating hope at the planning laboratory

There are two public buildings in Zvejniekciems that can be considered as the cornerstones of local patriotism in Zvejniekciems – Zvejniekciems Secondary School and Culture Club “Zvejniekciems”. Culture Club “Zvejniekciems” has historically been a gathering place for the people of Zvejniekciems since the 1960’s, and it is the reason why we plan to develop our planning laboratory there.

The village is home to many active people, but they need to be motivated to work together to achieve common goals. In the planning laboratory we plan to organize activation activities and divide people into several groups (by their areas of interest), where each group sets its own priorities of tasks for the development of Zvejniekciems. These will be combined into a common village development plan.

People will be introduced to the opportunities provided to them, by founding NGO’s and informed about funding opportunities.

Pilot area Zvejniekciem, Saulkrasti Municipality.
Source: Topographic Webmap LM © Lantmäteriet, Länsstyrelsen Östergötland.

July – September2019

Activation and mobilization meetings: 4 meetings in the Culture club “Zvejniekciems” or its territory (1 meeting for all interested; 3 meetings for selected interest groups).


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