Ekön is a nature preserve located in the archipelago of Gryt in east Sweden of the municipality of Valdemarsvik. Today there is no existing zoning plan over the pilot area. There are also a lot of different conflicts connected to this place and people have different opinions on how the area should be developed in the future.

Ekön is used by different target groups. There isalso a campsite in the area and the area is an important place for visitors and is an especially popular place in the summertime. The main conflict in our pilot area is about how the area should be preserved or developed. Challenges in our pilot area are how we should handle different opinions and interests in the ongoing process with the zoning plan. The purpose is to involve the public/target groups from the start to finish in the zoning plan. To get there we try to meet all of the different target groups through meetings, open events and workshops.

Mobile planning lab.

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Pilot area Ekön, Valdemarsvik Muncipality.
Source: Topographic Webmap LM © Lantmäteriet, Länsstyrelsen Östergötland

Activities planned in the area

We are looking into the possibilities of communicating the results of the project and the plan on Ekön. A second draft of the zoning plan has been proposed and will be public during the summer 2020.

Suggested zoning plan.

June 2019

An event was held called “Ut och njut I Gryt” together with OstkustenKajak. It was an open event located at Ekön for the public and to have a platform to ask and discuss questions with stakeholders.

May 2019

An exhibition was held on the Savings bank in Valdemarsvik where the public was invited to come and see what was going on in the project. People could ask questions and take some brochures with them.

October 2018

The public was invited to a workshop at Ekön. Participants were divided in groups to discuss different themes connected to the developing of Ekön.


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