Presentation of Linköping university

Publicerad May 12, 2020


Linköping University


Josefina Syssner (project leader)

Erik Eriksson (researcher)

Amira Fredriksson (research assistance)

Short description:

The Swedish sub-study of Coast4Us, conducted at Linköping University by Josefina Syssner, Erik Eriksson and Amira Fredriksson, have focused a specific part of the participatory planning process. Not the methods of involvement in themselves, or the face to face interaction with citizens, but rather what takes place after the citizen dialogues. How does the municipalities handle and utilize citizen input in the continuation of the planning process? Our ambition has been to map the procedures of handling citizen input – something we have termed a “sorting process”. There is a fundamental lack of knowledge concerning this administrative process – sometimes termed the “black box of participation” – where citizens and other actors lack insight. We aim to illuminate this specific part of the participatory process, thereby increasing the knowledge on how citizen input is considered and employed in spatial planning.

Erik Eriksson presenting results from the Coast4Us study at a conference for municipal officials and politicians.

Photo: Marie-Louise Elebring, Linköping University


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