Presentation of the Goverment of Åland

Publicerad May 7, 2020

Within the project Coat4us The Government of Åland have decided to focus on measures that can improve the nature and ecosystem services. This means trying to find answers to questions like:

  • How do we stop nutrient leakage from land to sea?
  • How do we get more green and blue areas into the City to increase biodiversity so that animals like pollinators, birds and other species also can live there?
  • How can we increase the amount of fish migrating into the rivers?
  • How do we get a coastal zone that is sustainable with healthy ecosystems that we all are depending on and can enjoy?

We have chosen to work with two different kinds of pilot areas. One in the rural area and one in the urban area. Both with different problems and conditions.

The process has consisted of mapping of local knowledge, educational workshops, inspirational walks with experts, locals and municipalities, plans for wetlands, underwater inventories, different kind of meetings and activities/educational events for children.


The end product will be a Coast4us Action Plan on possible measures on things like how to not fragment the landscape, how to provide ecosystem services that contribute to quality of life, good health, attractiveness, resilience to climate change and a long-term good economy. In the plan will be included all the knowledge of the pilot area (mapping and analysis results), goals, guidance and advice and alternative measures and a financing plan.

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