Saaremaa municipality

About the organisation

Saaremaa, as an island, is part of West Estonian (or Moonsund) archipelago in the Baltic Sea. Saaremaa is the biggest territorial municipality in Estonia with 2 712 Square kilometers. It has a long, partitioned coastline with smaller isles and islands. The partner will provide input to the project by identifying issues of interest and giving data for analyzing during the project.

Specific interests of Saaremaa include:

  • construction of wind parks on the coast and in the coastal sea,
  • construction of permanent structures on the coastal area, including small ports,
  • establishing public beaches and widening the existing ones,
  • herding livestock on the coast and construction of fences into the sea,
  • sustainable solutions for reed cutting – ascertainment of local economic environment (impact assessment of tourism, recreation, hobby fishing, coastal fishing etc.) at coastal areas
  • environmental and socio-economic impact scenario models to handle certain coastal area issues (e.g. dam of the Small Strait) sustainably
  • biological treatment of wastewater and directing the treated water into the sea,
  • treatment of storm water and directing it into the sea from urban areas,
  • modelling the waterline front and determine its changes over a period of time.

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Benefits from participating in the project

The organization hopes to gain input for the integrated local coastal and marine spatial planning process as well as increased knowledge and experience of integrated planning processes with modern technical and methodology solutions.