Salacgriva Municipality

Partner role in the project

Salacgriva municipality is responsible for the successful implementation of project activities in their territory. In the preparatory stage of the planning process the municipality will provide

  1. Mapping and assessment of ecological, cultural, social values as well as mapping of present use of resources.
  2. Establishment of a planning laboratory. In the planning process the municipality provides activation of stakeholders and will participate in the community plan preparation. The municipality provides the pilot implementation.

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Benefits from participating in the project

  • Additional capacity for activating the local community and engaging in planning processes.
  • Better co-operation with local people and identification of their needs.
  • The use of modern technologies in the planning processes. Creating a modern planning tool.
  • The data necessary for ensuring that the planning process has been updated and supplemented.
  • Using the improved Infrastructure “Planning of local Villages” in the municipal planning documents.
  • Since the project involves specialists, scientists and representatives of local governments and Ministry, as well as representatives of NGOs from several countries, it creates opportunities for taking good examples and implementing local activation.
  • Collaboration with scientists in developing new innovative solutions and examples.
  • A public infrastructure has been created in accordance with the wishes of the local community.


Previous experience of EU-projects

  • Project “Cooperation in the theatre and the music arts development” (Culture arts) Estonia- Latvia – Russia Cross-Border Cooperation Programme within European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument 2007-2013.
  • Project “The development of water tourism as a natural and active tourism component in Latvia and Estonia” (Riverways) Estonia – Latvia Crossborder cooperation programm 2007-2013.

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