The County Administrative Board of Östergötland

About the organization

The County Administrative Board (CAB) is the national government representative office in the county of Östergötland and constitutes a link between people and municipalities on the one hand, and government and central authorities on the other. CAB works on issues concerning the environment, nature, competence sourcing, the business community, social development, animal protection, gender equality, integration, transport, infrastructure and housing. Our task is to coordinate these to achieve efficient solutions for a sustainable society in which economic development, the environment and social welfare are interlinked.

The Board has the task of ensuring that the county’s citizens receive the level of service the Government has decided on, that municipalities and companies comply with laws and regulations. CAB is responsible for environmental supervision, monitoring and enforcement of the Water Framework and Marine Strategy Framework Directives at the regional level.

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Partner role in the project

CAB will be the lead partner of this project and mainly participate in WP1, 2 and 3. Since 2013 we have a special working group at CAB for marine spatial planning and coastal zone planning in the region, we have good cooperation with national, regional and local levels, i.e. SWaM (Swedish Water and Marine Agency), other county boards and the municipalities.

Benefits from participating in the project

Use of resources and exploitation of areas requires large amounts of local information and great knowledge to visualize the potential consequences. Within the Coast4us project, better mapping and tools will facilitate the discussion of where different values are high and important to protect or develop.

Sustainable plans developed in this project will work as good examples, but also contribute to a wider cross-border discussion of protection, exploitation and sustainable development. CAB will greatly benefit through this holistic approach and cross-border dialog when discussing spatial marine and coastal plans. The improved information through mapping and tools will be used in the daily planning processes when suggested activities are affecting the Baltic Sea.

We all have a common interest in the resource constituted by the Baltic Sea, and we need to work together across the borders to improve the work towards a healthier Baltic sea. In this project, CAB Östergötland will also exchange experience when it comes to the work within water management and actions towards better water quality. When planning for actions to reduce the effect from land to the Baltic Sea, the outputs of better mapping and tools, and best practice of local processes will be a great asset.

Previous experience of EU-projects

CAB has extensive experience in EU projects and has been partner and lead partner in many EU projects. Throughout the years, we have acquired extensive expertise and experience in running and managing international projects within our organization. We have created a comprehensive network of collaborations in the area, both locally, regionally and nationally. These networks include municipalities, landowners, consultants, NGO’s and entrepreneurs etc. We are a wide organization with extensive expertise in economics, environmental protection, nature conservation and physical planning.

This project has been prepared within two seed-money projects, Smart Coast and LDSP, which was financed by the EUSBSR Seed Money facility and the Swedish Institute. The projects lasted for one year, where partners from Sweden, Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Åland were discussing and planning for this larger project about marine and coastal planning.

At present CAB is participating in several LIFE-projects for example Life Coast Benefit where CAB is lead partner. CAB is also lead partner in the project INSURE financed by Central Baltic Interreg. CWPharma (Interreg. BSR), BBG (Interreg. BSR) and NUTRINFLOW (Interreg IVA) are examples of EU-projects that CAB currently participates in as a partner. Other examples of EU-projects where CAB Östergötland was involved are JOBWAB (Interreg IVA), BECOSI (Interreg IVA), BACES (Interreg IVA), and UC4LIFE (LIFE). We will bring experiences from all these projects into the Coast4us project.

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