Tallinn University of Technology (TTU)

About the organisation

The Department of Marine Systems is an education, research and development unit in Tallinn University of Technology. The Department conducts operational and scenario forecasting as well as marine spatial planning; it is involved in MSFD implementation in Estonia and participated in maritime spatial planning of sea areas in Hiiu County. The Department also has considerable experience regarding marine data management (including GIS).

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Partner role in the project

TTU is coordinating WP T1, coordinating the mapping activities in all areas, developing GIS tools and planning laboratory templates, coordinating activities related to meeting points, compiling the final analysis of the use of the developed tools, and compiling the materials for the handbook. In Estonia, TTU will be the responsible partner for mapping and assessment of values (e.g. ecological, cultural and social) as well as mapping of the present use of resources and local demands for economic development in Saaremaa pilot area. TTU will participate in organizing the meeting points in Saaremaa pilot area.

The main responsibility of TTU in WP T2 is to conduct required analyses for Saaremaa pilot area on the link between the plans on coast and impact at sea and on socio-economy. The topics (and needed analyses) identified so far are e.g.: wind parks, small harbors, beaches, impact assessment of tourism, recreation, recreational fishing, coastal fishing etc. at coastal areas, environmental and socio-economic impact scenario models to handle certain coastal area issues sustainably (e.g. dam of the Väike Väin) and biological treatment of waste water.

In WP T3 TTU will contribute to publication of scientific papers, participation in conferences, preparation of the handbook and educational materials. TTU will conduct a special study which will contain recommendations on the responsibility of local authorities and state authorities in the marine areas, including e.g. maritime spatial planning, permit application process, etc.

Benefits from participating in the project

The organization hopes to gain increased knowledge and experience in mapping and assessment of values, which supports future participation in projects related with maritime spatial planning. Tallinn University of Technology (TTU) is the flagship of Estonian engineering and technology education and research creating synergy between the technological, natural, exact, economic, and health sciences.

The Department of Marine Systems is a research and development unit in the School of Science of TTU. Research topics of the Department are related to marine physics, ecology, pollution control, coastal planning, remote sensing and mathematical modelling. The results of basic research are used for the applied tasks, e.g. operational and scenario forecasting of storm surges and floods, harmful algae blooms, dispersal of oil spills and pollution, sediment dynamics, ecological effects of changing pollution load, marine spatial planning and environmental impact assessment of coastal and off-shore construction activities. The Department conducts open sea monitoring and assists the authorities in the implementation of Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) and maritime spatial planning in Estonia. The Department has considerable experience in participation in cross-border projects (both as partner and a lead partner, e.g. GES-REG).