Valdemarsvik municipality

Partner role in the project

Valdemarsvik municipality, as a partner, has responsibility and experience to work with the planning processes in the coastal and archipelago areas. The municipality can transfer its skills and knowledge to other partners in the project. The municipality sees the participation in this project as a natural extension of the former Central Baltic project, BACES (2010 – 2013).

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Benefits from participating in the project

Valdemarsvik has on several occasions tried to develop new ways of working with physical planning. In the BACES project the municipality tested new ways to work closer to the citizens. The aim is to build on  these experiences and develop better methods, where everyone in the planning area that is concerned can participate at an early stage. In this project we will choose an area and go from idea to finished detail plan and evaluate the methods we used. The Coast4Us project gives us financial opportunities to implement our ideas and partners to discuss with in order to improve our processes. Large number of partners within the project enables everyone to learn and establish an active network for the future.

Previous experience of EU-projects

Valdemarsvik Municipality has extensive experience participating in and leading various types of projects ranging from the BACES project financed by Central Baltic 2010-2013 to major environmental projects such as “Environmental Project Valdemarsviken” and “Environmental project Gusum”. In the regular business, a large number of projects are being run e.g. rebuilding of the high school and the construction of artificial grass soccer field, etc.

Read more about the pilot area Ekön situated in Valdemarsvik municipality and on the local Project webpage.

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